Reflective Practice

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Looking back on things it's easy to regret or wish I'd done things differently. I wish I hadn't eaten crab meat at my cousins wedding for example. Every time I wake up after a heavy night I wish I hadn't drank so much. I always regret everything I say to girls when I'm drunk as well. When I put it like that, I'd probably have a lot less regret if I drank less. Writing about that would be funny, but not very productive, so lets reflect on something done at University.

This kind of reflection happened throughout the shooting. For instance, we realised that because lighting was good that day, it was important to get the outdoor photos done that day. We didn't really have to think about that decision, but we were all aware of this fact. Choosing camera angles happened in a similar way. We thought about the lighting and the focus of the shot and how it could be achieved based off of previous photography we'd done.

The easiest thing to be critical of is the recent stop motion we did, just because it's all fresh in my mind. I've already taken a critical stance on all sorts of things in my blog, but I'll just elaborate a little on where I think I could have improved this piece of work. To be blunt, I'd probably re-shoot the entire thing. I'd use fewer camera angles and locales. My reason for this is when you watch a 30 second clip you don't want the camera jumping all over the place, it kind of disorientates the viewer and they can't follow the action. If we did this then it would have given us more shots/frames in each locale and we could have got smoother motion. This is something which you can't comment on until after you've done the work though. Editing my shots, and seeing them go from stills to motion has given me the experience I needed. With the knowledge me and the group have now I'm sure we could made something even better. Still, for a first attempt you can't really complain.

Maybe we just a little too ambitious?


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