Pixilation - Step II Continued

posted under by Philip Howlett
The narrative behind my groups animation was of someone avoiding work, and they're being dragged back to work by a deranged, living chair. I'd been fiddling around the photos, but none of the filters and effects I was using were relevant to the narrative. Some of them looked good I'll admit, but most people would have thought "why did he use that filter?". Yesterday it struck me what I could do. I wanted to display that feeling you get when you should be working, and you're not. That little niggling feeling that work is always there, in one way or another. So I came up with this.

It's by no means the finished effect, but it's getting there. I thought having the lined paper, which most people instantly associate with work would get the feeling across. By making the photos look like sketches coming alive on paper it reminds you of a scribble or doodle you might do on you work.

I need to get the sketch effect just right, but it's almost impossible because of the varied locations and lighting in our photos. I'll probably have to compromise, but at least you know what I'm aiming for.

I've never used Premier before, so the work we did with Andy was helpful. I've managed to remember it all so right now I'm working away trying to get my animation done. Some photos are in the wrong order, some frames need to be extended, I need to find appropriate music, and I want to incorporate the credits in a seamless way. Thinking about it, there's loads to do.


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