Filming complete

posted under by Philip Howlett
We all met up last week to complete the filming stage. I've been a little slow to update my blog with the raw footage however because I've been having a few troubles with premier. Audio visual work is all new to me, so I've struggled a little, and so has the rest of the group I think. When we met up for instance to begin filming we couldn't get the camera to work. Then when we fixed that problem, the tripod broke! Luckily I had one at home we could use. We went out to start shooting, and it rained really heavily. It was as though someone, somewhere, didn't want us record.

Anyway, we got the recording done. We're going to record the sound seperately early next week and then compile the video. This should be a relatively quick process to bring things together. Ignore the sound all together in this piece, as you wont be hearing it at all on the final video. I won't give it all away now, but there's going to be a phone call playing over this which will explain the narrative.

I'll put the storyboard online soon, I just need to find a scanner. I'll be back shortly to discuss the success of the filming and elaborate further on how we conducted this.


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