Lighting: Health and Safety

posted under by Philip Howlett
The biggest risk with lighting, was made very clear. Death. It's obvious really that when working with anything electrical there's the risk of electrocution and death. There's also a big worry with people getting burnt. To overcome this there are various safety precautions to take:

  • A health and safety check should be performed before every shoot
  • Always wear gloves when handling lights to avoid burns
  • Always check the gloves for holes. If there are any then throw the gloves away
  • Perform a visual check of all equipment (wires should be checked for holes etc)
  • Don't leave wires wound up as they can generate heat
  • Wires should be stuck down or covered with rubber mats to avoid trip hazards
  • Don't touch 'barn doors' when light is on without wearing gloves
  • All lights should have a 'scrim' and circuit breaker
  • The light wire should hang from the rear of the light
  • Wire should hang to the floor, rather than being stretched to plug socket
  • Lights should be left to cool for 5+ minutes after being used
The health and safety slide show can be found on the VLP here.


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