Interative Narrative Explained

posted under by Philip Howlett
The way I work is to research and brainstorm and think as much as possible, but without trying to force an idea. The advantage of this is that an idea can sometimes come out of no where, but it'll have been well considered and thorough. The downside is that sometimes I spend too long pondering over it and nothing happens. I know what I want to produce now, so I've got four days to get the thing done. Luckily I know flash well, I've studied the script, and I know what I need to get images of to make my piece.

Something I have a keen interest in the hot topic of file sharing. I think our generation in particular is well informed on the subject, we know that it exists and we've probably all taken part in it at some point. From the days of Napster, to the todays BitTorrent, it's a topic which sparks a lot of debate. I for one want to express my opinion that I feel there should be nothing wrong with sharing songs, films, games and applications with one another. I for one don't want to pay the inflated prices that the industry demands, and particularly when I'm on a student budget I can't afford a £10 CD or £15 DVD. I suppose it's like many other laws which people break on a regular basis because 'everyone else does it'. For instance people break speed limits. Want I want to do is present the topic to people in a way they understand, and the possible repercussions of their decisions.

I'm in the process of laying this out in a narrative form. It's going to be quite difficult to make a narrative out of this, but having a topic to work on top of is an important step.


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