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Seeing as the last idea I had started off badly and went down hill from there I've completely changed things. I had a little think about what I could do that was simple and achievable in the time I have left. I again thought about things which effect all of us, this one on a daily basis. We all know the feeling when our alarm goes off, it's the worst sound in the world. It's the sound that means you actually have to get up and do something. What you do from there boils down to two options, you can get up and get on with the day, or you can put the alarm on the snooze and sleep in. Recently I've been doing this a lot, maybe it's because it's so dark in the mornings I'm not sure. My story breaks down as shown in the diagram below.

I'm going to add an effect to the photos I take which will make everything much darker and dull. A lot of people hate this time of year because its so dark and depressing all the time, I want to get this across in my imagery. I'm also going to use my Photoshop skills to edit the shots in other ways. Here are some examples of what they're going to look like.

You can see around the edges that the image has been darkened using a lighting effect, this gives the impression of those early mornings. You can also see how I've intensified the colours on the timer of the clock, to make the time more obvious to anyone using this interactive piece. Hopefully the images are so clear that very little explanation will be needed, if any at all.

The obstacles presented to the user are the choices to go back to bed, which is always an easy option when we're tired. The problem here is that if you decide to stay in bed, you're either going to be late for work, or get sacked. The positive route you can take is to get ready and leave the house on time. I find myself caught in two minds at times as to what I should do, and this should should display that feeling of confusion and guilt. I aim to have the photo's taken tomorrow, and maybe even the entire sequence compiled and posted on my blog.


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