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I didn't know about 'The FWA' until today, but the site is now officially bookmarked for me. It's a brilliant resource for me because I can see how people have used flash and other technologies to be creative. Looking through the huge archive of sites I found a couple that really stood out...


The best word I can think of for this site is 'slick'. I've seen hundreds of portfolio sites in my Internet days, some good, many bad. Being a portfolio site, it's a true showcase of the companies technical abilities, whilst also being informative. All the information needed is there, you've got their previous work, a list of clients, and a nice contact form. At first the site seems incredibly simple, which it should do. I hate websites which overwhelm you with information, sounds, and graphics. Once you start looking through the menus you begin to appreciate how damn easy everything is to use. The UI is complemented by smooth and subtle animations, and some funky effects. If you delve in a little closer you get to see how the site actually works, and what they've created is an ingenious flash/HTML hybrid.

This is a very commercial site for the Die Hard films. The purpose of it is completely different to the last, in that this is selling a product rather than a service. It offers fans of the series some information in both text and media forms. The way it does this is the interesting part. Like many games websites take inspiration from games, this site is heavily influenced by film. The navigation system plays out like a film, and as the next piece of content loads up, you get to watch clips from the film so you're not getting bored. If you can't be bothered with the impressive, but slow navigation then there's a 'Quicknav' option. Nice to see them catering for those with A.D.D.


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