Light and Colour

posted under by Philip Howlett
Erik Natzke - "CA"

I found this image in Computer Arts February issue. I haven't read the article yet, but I know this work is created with algorithms which produce beautiful colours, shapes and compositions. When I saw it I thought of the work we'd been set about light and colour.

There's so many colours seen here, built up on top of one another, overlapping to create another shade. They're quite warm tones which explode out from the top of the canvas and they grow in to the foreground. Sitting in a white space, it could appear quite cold, but the warmness of the shapes counteracts this effect. Instead I get a feeling of light which is emanating from the explosion of colour. It's a very abstract composition, created in a computers mind, an interesting emerging art form. The code is obviously created by a human, but the way the art comes alive with the computer is what interests me.


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