Stop Motion

posted under by Philip Howlett
I took the photographs for this stop motion piece a couple of weeks ago, but I've only just got around to publishing it today. Ever since we did the pixilation project I wanted to play around with stop motion some more. What I've done was relatively simple and quick. I got my camera set up on a tripod, and started taking photos around my house. I didn't want to do pixilation, and instead I wanted to bring objects to life, a great feature of stop motion. I thought, wouldn't it be brilliant if everything that's monotonous and a chore in life was done for you? I can remember at the time I was going to take the idea further and have a series of actions happening around someone, making their life easier. When I came to edit my images together and add music to the video I could see that there's room to expand on whats happening.

I resized my images and used the auto levels feature of Photoshop to improve the quality of the colours and shadows. I didn't want to put any special effects on the photos because they weren't really needed for this video. In Premier I used a couple of simple transitions (Dissolve) to fade out sections of video. I overlayed some music which I felt was fitting to the tempo of the images on screen. I chose a song by "The Smiths" called "Rusholme Ruffians", it's a quiet acoustic track with a section devoid of lyrics which could fit the length of my video.

This was just an experiment with what we'd learned with Andy Love, but I enjoyed going back and doing something myself without a brief. I still want to create one of these in High Definition at some point, but the camera I have is a bit old and wouldn't do the format justice. Some really beautiful compositions and animations could be created and then displayed in HD. Just a thought!


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