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Well, after being disappointed by the fact I had no money I thought I'd do a bit more exploring. I had a look at the list of popular locations on second life, and jumped in to the Dance Island. What I came across was shockingly sad. I walked around the various shops on Dance Island, all of which sold various clubbing outfits, some of the better ones were actually being modeled by people walking the streets who would try to flog you some of their clobber. I was quite happy with the way I looked, so I went in to the main club. Surprisingly enough it looked very much like a real club, complete with a DJ, lights, dance floor and most importantly lots of people dancing.

The cool feature of the Dance Island is that you can use the animations associated to that island, which in this case were dance moves. I got in my Saturday Night mood and busted some fine moves on the dance floor. I actually found the whole thing to be pretty hilarious, mainly because of the dancing, but also for the fact that 50 or so people got together to dance in a virtual club. People were talking in the public chat, chatting each other up, and dancing near one another. One guy even offered to phone a woman in 'rl' (real life). My god...

I'm really starting to worry about some people. Not only does second life seem like a glorified chatroom, it also seems like a place that people with very little social skills might visit to talk to other equally socially retarded humans.


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