A good portfolio example

posted under by Philip Howlett

I was thinking about that fact that at some point I'm going to have make my own online portfolio. Right now I'm using a portfolio which is built by someone else, but it serves it's purpose for the time being. Looking on theFWA I found a site for a photographer which has many features I'm fond of in a portfolio. Firstly, the site loads quickly, good news for impatient people like me! Secondly, when its loaded, it's incredibly simple to find what you're looking for. When you actually open up his projects you get a series of thumbnail images which pop up before you click any links. When you do open up a photo, you get a full screen, high resolution image. This is exactly what's needed when displaying still imagery. The same navigation and display system is used for the video projects he's done, so this kind of template could fit in to a multimedia portfolio very nicely.

I do however have a couple of gripes with the site. I know that this is for commercial purposes, so information is always going to be a little scarce, but still I think each image or project should have a paragraph or so of text. I also don't like the way the menus constantly hide them selves, and pop up when you're mouse hovers over them. It's not very clear where the hotspots are at times, and you can end up with a barrage of menus cluttering up your screen.


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