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I heard of ilovedust sometime ago in Computer Arts, and I'd seen some of the clothing they make. I forgot about them until recently when I saw some of their work on zunearts. I bookmarked their homepage, but at the time it was under construction. The site is now online, and working very nicely indeed.

Being a company with skills in a wide range of medias they obviously had to create a website which could display multiple medias effectively. It would also have to match the quality of their work. The loading screen is cute and fun, with a little bear rowing a boat. Straight away I loved it. The graphics are typical of their print work. It's colourful and elaborate, but more importantly it's interesting to look at. As a nice touch they've animated the main graphics so something is constantly happening.

I noticed there was a clear colour scheme for the site, something which a lot of websites ignore. The background is a dark gray, and any text is a light gray. It makes text easy to read, and at the same time makes the work and images the focus. You don't have to read through the text to understand what the company is about, picture of their work do that for you. The main logos make use of specific shades of green, blue, pink, yellow, all of which are mirrored in the menu. It keeps things consistent and at the same time creates obvious categories.

Like just about every good flash site it's centered to the browser window, and bordered by the background colour. This makes it all very focused, and also makes it easy to browse on standard and widescreen monitors. It's a simple and effective site, which works for commercial purposes. It's got all the information a possible client would be looking for, whilst at the same time working as a technical show piece for what they can do.


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