Valyard Portolio

posted under by Philip Howlett

This site is loud, garish, bright and slightly overwhelming. It displays the work of a Flash designer and programmer called Valentin. He's clearly very capable with Flash, and the site is hugely technical. I would however question some of the design choices. First of all, navigation. The main menu proves to be effective in wowing the user, and at the same time being clear and simple to use. Once you delve in to the menu system you find it increasingly difficult to get what you're looking for. Browsing through images is much more annoying than it ever needed to be. I understand that portfolios are a technical showcase, but at the same time you need to prove that you understand how people use a website.

The colour scheme of this site is also awful, a bright blue and purple completely throw you on entering the site. When you start examining the background you can see it's nothing more than a series of Photoshop brushes being layered up. There are some nice subtle animations thrown in to the mixer, which keep you from getting bored (if that was ever possible). Another thing to note is that fact that this is a very high resolution site, which takes an eternity to load up even on my fast connection. I think it's a case of things being taken too far.


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