Just like the real world....weird

posted under by Philip Howlett
I've been using second life for quite a while now, and it's getting near the end. Other than a short synopsis of my experiences, this will probably be the last time I mention second life on my blog.

Again I thought I'd move on to a new island, just to have a more varied experience in second life. I looked up the most popular places, and surprisingly enough they were the places with mature content. It seems that currently you're free to go where ever you want in second life, regardless of your real life age. This is something that's being addressed with recent reports of online abuse. As always with the Internet, it's not policed so people are always at risk.

Still, I had a look, who wouldn't? It was kind of what I expected, it's like the real life sex trade but now it's spilling over to the virtual world. Now anyone can sit at their computer and have virtual sex. It's slightly worrying just because it's so easily accessible to everyone of all ages. That's the world wide web for you though. I think I'll call it a day with second life now.


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