Character controls

posted under by Philip Howlett
I've added one, rather crude character control. Have a look at the site here. If you navigate your way through to my avatar you'll notice a list of controls opens up. From here you'll be able to trigger various animations, for instance, clicking on the 'wave' button will make the site gotoandPlay a video of my avatar waving. I've noticed that with my time line becoming so long, everything is becoming a lot more complicated. There are probably easier ways to do what I'm doing, and when I learn them, what I've done will seem amateurish.

It seems my problems with IE compatibility are down to a problem with my computer, as on other computers it works fine. So that's one less issue to address. The problem with size isn't as big as I feared either. By reducing the flv files from 3,000kbps to 700kbps I litterally halved the sites size without too much impact on quality. I also enabled compression on the SWF and set my jpeg quality to 80%. The site is now floating at around 1.2MB rather than 2MB. Success!

Lastly, the actual dimensions of the site. If you're using a resolution of 1024x768 or lower, you're not going to see the entire site. The site is still very much usable however. I'm considering setting up a low bandwidth version of the site, with reduced resolution and smaller video files. For now, if you right click and choose "show all" then you get the required effect.


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