Container Changes

posted under by Philip Howlett
I decided that my scene needed some lighting to set the mood, as well as make the box look a little more realistic. When I did this however, the box became rather dark and was no longer the focus of your attention. To overcome this, the box is now a pearly white, similar to an apple macbook. It now looks much smoother and appealing.

Updates and work in progess
Problems: It's a work in progress, and a lot more has to be done. I'm having a couple of difficulties. Firstly the site won't align to the center even though I set it to. Secondly I can't work out how to make it stop on frame 25, and then with a button click play frame 26. I'm sure I'll fix it, but that's all for now.
Update #1 - 1/4/08 - Site is now aligned to the center
Update #2 - 6/4/08 - Button controls added

File size is a bit of a concern. Currently the site weighs in at 1.5MB. I'll wait to see how big the finished product is before I start using compression. I'm also looking in to sound controls for AS3 as I want my site to contain sound effects but not everyone will want them turned on.


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