Portfolio Underway

posted under by Philip Howlett
A week or so ago I began working on my online Portfolio. I've been using carbonmade for a while to showcase my work, but I really wanted to make my own from scratch. Seeing as I've got the webspace, the domain name and a bit of flash knowledge I thought now is a good time to start.

So far I have the structure of the interface layed out and animated, and quite a nice preloader added in there. It's a really simple UI, but that's why I think it works. The idea for it came from a portfolio website I found on the FWA for Joshua Stearns. The technique used places blocks of contrasting colour behing text. This helps to keep everything structured, clear and aligned. Pretty good use of CRAP huh? I've seen the technique used a lot, especially on posters, but also on a lot of other websites. If anyone could point out to me where the technique stems from please let me know.

I need to tinker around with the finer details of this interface, but I want to get the rest of the site working first. My intention is to create a slick gallery showcasing images of my work at fullscreen resolution, and also to have somewhere to display videos of my work. It's still early days, but have a look at what I've done so far. TEST IT.


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