Generation Kill Project

posted under by Philip Howlett
Since I love the show so much, and I can't find a poster for it anywhere, I've taken matters in to my own hands. I'm going to make my own poster, using stencils and spray paint. There's an A1 canvas that's been sitting in my wardrobe for months now that I made during my foundation year. I've been doing some tests today with making stencils from the images I've found. If you're interested in the process please read on.

First of all I had to find some suitable images from the show, and preferably in high resolution. I found some on the HBO site located here. I then went about converting the image to something resembling a stencil. So I fired up Photoshop and desaturated the image, then fiddled around with the threshold until I got what I wanted. I then printed the image out, and cut it out the black areas with a craft knife.

The result

I sprayed this experiment on to unprimed MDF which explains some of the soaking up of the paint and the slight bleeding. I need to somehow create a larger version of this stencil (most likely by sticking sheets of A4 together). I've found the font they used for the logo of the show as well located here, for anyone interested. I'll more than likely have a couple of the characters on the final poster, with the logo located at the bottom. Not sure what details I'll add yet.


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