I really hope this works

posted under by Philip Howlett
"Radiohead shocks record industry with free download of new album" is the headline. I found that article through "zeropaid" a website dedicated to reporting news on filesharing. Radiohead aren't the first band to make moves against the recording industry though. A couple of months back I read about Trent Reznor (founder of nine inch nails) being angered that his fans were being ripped off by extortionate CD prices.

The plan by radiohead is to allow their fans to download the new album through their website, for as little or as much as they please. The good thing is, they'll probably end up making more money this way. Finally artists might start to see more of the money of they make. More importantly, this could mark a move towards a new form of media distribution. Maybe the death of CD's is closer? Either way, I'll be downloading this, just so I can say I was there when a new era of music industry begins...I hope.

This should spark the RIAA to embrace technology like BitTorrent and P2P, rather than fight the inevitable. Watch the video.


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