Group A + Questions

posted under by Philip Howlett
Hello to all of Group A! Todays seminar was useful for getting to know people. I can't remember everyone's name, but no doubt we'll all know each other well in a couple of weeks. Thanks to David for clearing up a few things about timetables and blogs too. Just got a quick question for anyone who understands HTML...

How do I make those categories on the right hand side collapsible?

I want them to be hidden until they're clicked on. I've had a nosey round the internets and I know it's possible, but my knowledge of HTML is pretty much non-existent. I went to the templates website, and the guy who made it has tried to explain, but I can't make sense of it. I quite like this template, just because it's clear and simple. I can't stand websites with images and shit flashing GIFs all over the place. I had to make a few changes to this one already though. Once I get started I can't help myself.

In other news, I just got some glasses. I didn't realise how blind I'd been for the last couple of years. I should be able to read the screen in lectures now.


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