Pixilation - Step I

posted under by Philip Howlett
Yesterday and today has been the most fun I've had doing 'work' in well...forever. The group I'm in (Liam, Dean and Elliot. Alright lads?) felt really positive and passionate about the work. From the get go we were bouncing ideas off each other, and after 20 minutes consideration we got started. Usually it's hard to get everyone to agree, but this worked out straight away.

The examples Andy showed us really helped to give us an idea of what was possible. The nature of stop frame, with the jerky movements and sketchy look is the beauty of it. It also broadens the possibilities over conventional film. It let us give a static prop life. I'd never heard of "pixilation" before, but the idea of using people as human puppets can create some hilarious results.

We must have looked like complete idiots walking in to the SU bar with our own chair, and getting Dean to run across the bar. It should get a few laughs when we get it completed. I can't wait to start on the editing now, got some wicked ideas for sound and speeding up/slowing down sections.


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