Oasis to try the Radiohead experiment?

posted under by Philip Howlett
I just read that Oasis and Jamiroquai are considering offering their new albums as download only purchases, possibly offered free. I wrote about how Radiohead are releasing "in rainbows" through their website, without the backing of a label and they're offering it for as little or as much as fans wish to pay. This means you can basically get an album for free and do it legally, which is exciting news. If radiohead prove to be successful then more big name bands could follow. I've downloaded "in rainbows" just to support this move.

Some people will read this and wonder why this is relevant news, or why I care. Well, I believe in free distribution of art and media where possible. With technologies like P2P, BitTorrent, youtube etc this is becoming a very realistic idea. It means that maybe when we're all making films and animations, we can get our work seen by millions, without the backing of some corporate label looking to take our money.

Maybe we'll get back to the days when music was about music, not about money. When film was about film, not about money. I'd like to give two fingers to the vast majority of record and film companies. Radiohead have already done it, who's next? To read more about it, check out this article.

Now go on a BitTorrent site and download a Michael Moore film, he really doesn't care. Down with DRM as well, but I'll go in to that more later.


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