My first rant

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There's going to be more of these in the future, I assure you, as I'm a ranting kind of man. To get this underway I'm just going to quickly outline why I hate the website

I visit 1UP everyday because I like my gaming news. You can call me a geek, I don't particularly care. I find 1UP to be a very good source of up-to-date news with some quality journalists who know what they're on about. On the other hand, whoever made their website is either retarded or a tramp. At this moment in time, I'm hungry and want to write this quickly. I'll probably go really in depth however and starve.

  1. Advertising - By all means, have advertising. I understand people need to make a living for their work. When I visit a website however I expect to see the actual website. I don't want to see a blank page, with a huge flash advert in the middle, pissing me off all over the place. What makes this more angering is the tiny, inconspicuous "continue to homepage" button with a tiny hit box hidden away somewhere. This is almost a bad as having an "intro" to a website where nothing useful happens.
  2. Clutter - For the love of god they need to use their recycle bin. They need to delete half of the crap on their homepage. Once you've waited for too long for the damn thing to load, you're bombarded by a multitude of lists, menus, boxes, images, adverts and flashing. This is not very shortly followed by the successful loading of the piece of shit main menu.
  3. Main Menu - This is by far, my most hated menu on the Internet. I'll admit, it's aesthetically quite nice. Functionally, it's frustrating. It takes too long to load, and when it does load it constantly flicks between the various main stories. Every time I go to click it a link, it magically switches to another story. Then I have to sit their and wait for their clutter to load up again. I suppose they could have made it worse and added sound effects so it sounded like some kind of sci-fi interface, another pet hate of mine.
To illustrate my point, I created these images. I was going to save them as uncompressed images, at ludicrous resolutions, just so they took ages to load, further illustrating my point. I didn't though.

On the other hand, they do make good use of podcasts and video. If you're interested in games, watch the 1UP show. That's a direct link there, I wouldn't want you to search through their website looking for it yourself.


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