Pinhole photography and animation

posted under by Philip Howlett

These processes were both a first for me, so I was excited to get stuck in. I think more than anything I found these useful for getting to know people. They helped to ease me in to things and feel a bit more comfortable. The results of the actual work was really impressive though. I enjoyed watching our animation video today in the lecture. Spending a couple of hours drawing boxes was a bit laborious, but when you see it come to life it makes it worth while. It also made me think how incredibly long it must take to create a stop frame film!

I'd personally never even heard of pinhole photography (hope I'm not alone there?). When my first image came out as a tiny black dot I thought "bollocks to this". My second photo on the other hand, I'm really happy with. The distortion effect looks wicked and it creates a mad distressed look that I've previously spent hours in photoshop trying to perfect. I had a look around the Internet for some pinhole photos and it's good to see that plenty of people are still practicing this technique. I want to try and get a photo with something in the foreground so the pinhole can work it's magic, like in this photo.


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