Interactive Narrative

posted under by Philip Howlett
When Jools explained this latest project I wasn't really sure of what would be expected of us. I read the brief and seminar sheets, and understood them, but until I saw the Flash template on Tuesday it wasn't entirely clear. Now that I know how it's going to work, I'm much more confident. I'll be honest though, I haven't got a narrative to go with yet. Once I come up with something I can envisage things coming together quickly. I've got some prior knowledge of the Flash interface, at least enough to make the flash part of this project the easy part. The difficult part will be getting some good photos which compliment a strong narrative.

I spent Tuesdays seminar disecting the action script so I knew what was going on in the code. I drew a little diagram which breaks it down for me in a clear way. This let me knows where each button click is taking the user. It might not make any sense to anyone else, but I found it useful.

I made a second "brain storm" of how I could go about this project. Obviously it needs a lot more deliberation over the weekend so I can make this as successful as previous projects.


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