Identities So Far

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If you take a look at my Labels on the right, you'll see I've got all my Identities work linked there. Those postings don't tell everything though, as much as what I've done is in my sketchbook and I'm trying to get as much of that online as possible so everyone can see my progress and hopefully offer some feedback.

The Identities project is something I'm beginning to feel really positive about. I'll admit that early on in the project I was a bit too relaxed with my work, and I didn't get too much done. I completed all the small projects we did with Andy, and in all cases took them further when I got the work home. I also did a little bit of extra stuff with 3DS so I understood the interface and features a little better. I've got the confidence now, and I reckon I'll be able to create the avatar I dream up, albeit with a little help. Or a lot.

I've done a lot of research in to my identity, and others who have explored this field already. Things are moving a long nicely now, and with the deadlines firmly in mind I know what I've got to get done in the following weeks. Right now I've completed my research phase, and in the process of doing that I've come up with some cool ideas, specifically for my environment. I've given myself until the end of next week to have a firm idea of the avatar and environment I want to create. That will then allow me 3 weeks to create everything, more than enough time in my mind. At the same time however I'll be continuing my second life work, any tutorial assignments and creating a presentation for week 33. It's quite a lot of work going on at once, but I prefer it this way, it keeps me on my toes.

I'm so happy to be doing a sketchbook once again. I can remember loathing them in my foundation year, but being without one for so long you realise why it's so important. One thing I'm a little worried about however is dreaming up a character. I've never been much of a comic reader, or a cartoon watcher, neither have I ever attempted to draw a character. I'm much more at home with accurate drawings like you can see in the image on the left. Roma's seminar on Tuesday explained things to me, and I now understand the possibilities.


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