Image Movers Digital

posted under , by Philip Howlett

From what I can gather, Image Movers Digital are a company who create computer generated environments for film. They have experience in many big films, such as Beowulf. Their portfolio, which I found through FWA is really effective in displaying their work.

The site fills your browser window, making effective use of the space on everyones screen. In the background are some detailed renders, and pieces of art from their projects which are darkened slightly by a black layer over the top. This helps to distinguish them as the background, so the menus and information are in the foreground. The menu's and information within the foreground make use of bright colours, creating a contrast between the two areas.

Along the bottom, you have a pop up menu which I've seen used on many sites. The benefit of this is that when it's not needed it can be hidden away so as not to clutter the screen. What I liked most of all was the way images could be navigated. When choosing a project, the background darkens, and new centered window appears. Within this window are a series of thumbnails which when clicked fill that window. A nice added interface feature is a next and previous button which appear from the left and right hand side of the browser.


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