Is This Counter Strike?

posted under by Philip Howlett
For those of you who have played Counter Strike, take a look at my screen shots and you'll understand where I'm coming from. I broadened my horizons and escaped from Help Island, never to return. I decided I'd have a look around some of the character customization stores. I stepped in to the "Good Life" store, where I saw some shop assistants stood around twiddling their thumbs, much like in real life. Having a walk around I saw the scope of what you can do to yourself, and the range of avatars you can create. While I have customized my character to some degree, he still looks very much like the generic character. So I wandered over to the wall in the corner with all the women stood around.

It was amazing to see all these people looking up at a wall with how they can make their body look. I can draw parallels with real life, and people having plastic surgery. It's kind of scary that we're moving towards something not to different to what you see here, buying you're body from a menu.

Good Life seemed to be a little female orientated, and it didn't suit me at all, so I flew to the shop across the street. This place seemed a little emo, which was fine by me. I saw some cool characters being advertised so I thought I'd have a go with them. INSUFFICIENT FUNDS was the message I got. I'm sat there looking at my screen, thinking, GTFO. I've got to earn money in this world as well, what a joke.

How will I earn money? I'm thinking of selling my body maybe. Not sure how much you get for that though.


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