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I can remember this part of my second life feeling a bit like an episode of lost. I was stuck on the Help Island, with all the boring newbies. Being a n00b myself, I didn't have a clue what I what I was doing so I proceeding to sprint around the place, banging in to people, and just generally making their time on Help Island a bit frustrating.

When I realised that what I was doing was getting me nowhere (and the inability to start shooting people to make things more entertaining dawned on me) I decided maybe communication would help. I started to ask people with weird names if they knew how to get off the island. I didn't know if there was a boat, or some kind of cross channel ferry boat which arrived at various times of the day. One guy I asked was in the same boat as me (no pun intended) and was completely clueless. Then I realised you can chat to everyone who's close to you, so I flew towards a crowd and asked all of them. They all ignored me, which I found a little rude, but I'll let them off as they're probably still working out how to turn the HUD off.

In second life it seems you don't have to cope with transport, instead you teleport, one great relief to me. Also, even though I was ignored by people, at least they don't called me a 'fag' like they do on Xbox Live. If you take a look at the second screenshot, it seems that sex sells even in the virtual world. Guess where I visited next...


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