It's Been A While

posted under by Philip Howlett
Since setting up my second life account a couple of weeks ago, I've been doing some playing around in the god forsaken world. I took a load of screen shots, but because I hated it so much I didn't bother putting anything on my blog. The fact is, now that I understand second life a little better, I'm starting to enjoy it a bit more. I'm going to put my snapshots up in a few separate postings because I seem to remember I had some quirky article titles. Anyway, I'll start with my appearance!

The options for editing your character are vast, and slightly overwhelming. I've never been a fan of RPG style games, mainly because I don't have the patience for it. I stuck with it a little and managed to make a skinny, athletic looking bloke with a similar hair cut to mine. Unfortunetly he also looks slightly gay, and he appears as though he might be part of a highly regarded dance school. Looking around the "Help Island" everyone else looks equally as ridiculous as me, but at least I've got dancing skills. I know that once you get out in to the second world a little more that there's lot of ways to change you're character, so I thought I'd save a lot of the customization till later.

I also took the time to learn the interface a little better. Flying for instance saves a lot of time. The HUD on the other hand is the most obtrusive one I've ever had the misfortune of using, so I turned it off.


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