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posted under by Philip Howlett
I've been reviewing websites for a few months now, all of which from the FWA and all made using flash. Today however I thought I'd talk about a website which doesn't have a commercial aim. The new BBC Homepage is a in all respects a revelation in news based websites. I have personally hated online journalism for some time, mainly for my loathing of the websites. The old BBC site was a jumbled, inconsistant, overwhelming and difficult place to visit. It's the BBC though, so I found myself visiting the site a fair amount. A few months ago I had a go with the beta of the new homepage and was pleased with what I saw. Now I see that the BBC have thankfully adopted the new layout.

As you can see the site is clean and clear, but more importantly it can be customized. There's so much going on in the world, 99% of it I probably don't care about, so with this new feature I don't get bombarded with all the worlds problems at once. Instead I can select what I'd like to be informed about, and receive it in a way I understand. TABS, yes that's right. Little labeled tabs which keep the Internet clean. I can open them when I want to get a glimpse of the most recent headlines, or click the headers to visit that specific sub section. I don't know why it took the BBC so long to cotton on to this type of interface, but it's nice to see they've done it effectively. The site is also efficient in that it doesn't rely heavily on graphics. It clearly takes some pointers from the success of RSS feeds and blogs.


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