Virgin Media To Disconnect File-Sharers, Sort Of

posted under by Philip Howlett
I read some worrying news today regarding a U.K ISP. I wrote an article last month about the proposal of a 'three strikes and you're out' system regarding illegal file sharing in the U.K. I pointed out the pit falls of such a system, and I also flat out stated that it wouldn't be happening. It seems however that one U.K company has bowed down to the pressure of the rich and powerful record companies. The company involved, surprisingly is Virgin Media. It's surprising because they currently offer the fastest broadband in the U.K with no limitations. Why would people need a 40MB connection to read emails? On the other hand they're in some major debt so they probably don't want any legal proceedings. Surely they'll loose the vast majority of their users? Well no, funnily enough it's still good to be with Virgin. It seems that while they might ATTEMPT to single out illegal P2P traffic, they are also going to offer free access to UseNet. This suits me as I've been looking to use UseNet for some time, due to the high speeds as well as the better protection offered to users. Whether or not this will actually occur remains to be seen, but it's certainly something I never expected.

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