Coca Cola Object

posted under by Philip Howlett
Seeing as I need to get some user testing done, and complete my evaluation I thought I better wrap things up. My final object is now finished, and to test out the whole thing check out the site here:

I'll be honest, I don't like this last object as much as the others. It works nicely, and it's fairly interesting, I just wanted to spend more time on it. I wanted to render all the elements in 3D, but seeing as my site is now a fairly hefty 2.3MB its becoming a little slow to load. I decided to cut my losses and go with simple 2D images. The interactivity is still there, it's just not as pretty to look at as it could have been. I've still got one thing left I want to do to get the site fully presentable, but until then visit the link above. Phew!


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