Navigating My Identity. Fin.

posted under by Philip Howlett

I decided to publish the completed site to a different directory with a smaller URL. The html file in which the swf is embedded is now an index so that directory shows the finished site. I also made some changes to the code that flash outputs. I now have a title and meta tag within the head of the script. Hopefully some of the search engine bots will reference my site when certain key words are input to their engines.

All that's left to do now is complete my evaluation. The user testing has been carried out throughout the project, so I just need to compile my results in to something a little more presentable.

I actually really enjoyed this project, especially when I grasped flash a little more. I definitely have more confidence with it, and I'm looking to create a flash website over the summer for a company. By the time we begin University again I should have quite a special portfolio as well.


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