Real Fakes

posted under by Philip Howlett
I was reading an article in the Guardian today, which was discussing the growth of CGI. I'm personally a big fan, but it seems many directors aren't too pleased with current trends in movies. I'll admit CGI has pro's and con's, and the con's are becoming more evident. Films like Beowulf, in my opinion are completely unnecessary and only work as a technical showcase. On the other hand you have the mind boggling effects of Transformers. So why do some of the big names in cinema (Speilberg, Abrams, Nolan) have it in for the increasing use of CGI? They see it being used, just for the sake of using it. I agree, having impressive special effects doesn't make a good film. Using it effectively is more important. There are clearly good and bad examples of computer effects, but it's an interesting read still.,,2281466,00.html

P.S Someone should tell the Guardian to take a look at the BBC website, that's how a news website should be done.


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