Reflection on Identities Projects

posted under by Philip Howlett

I’m extremely proud of the resulting work of both projects. Project 2 in particular has helped me gain confidence with Flash, and I’m now excited about using the software. I think my work for that project was professional, and well polished. Making use of sound elements, a good deal of actionscript, video elements, 3D modeling and traditional 2D content I feel it’s the best piece of multimedia work I have created. The 3D elements wouldn’t have been possible without the work created in project 1. Again, I was very impressed with what I managed to create. Reflecting on that project now, I do see some room for improvement but I look forward to improving my 3D skills, so much so I’m considering taking the Virtual Environments pathway next year. If I was to do that project again I’d maybe dedicate more time to creating the work in 3D and less time in the research phase. While it’s good to research, I believe I’m still at a stage where I need to understand 3D Studio Max much more.

Project 2 became a little rushed towards the end, and this is reflected in the quality of the final interactive object. The coca cola object was my least favourite, and with better time management I could have created it entirely in 3D. I may have also made a smaller version of the site, to allow more people to view it as intended. I’m still very pleased with the outcome, but as always there are possible areas for improvement.


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