A Breakthrough?

posted under by Philip Howlett
Thinking of a story and finding a location has been much harder than we all anticipated. We've all met up a couple of times, and spoken on MSN to brainstorm together but it's been tough to find something we all agree on that's going to be cool. It's also really difficult to get permission for some of our ideas. Our initial idea got thrown out because we couldn't get permission to shoot where we wanted to. Today I spoke to Liam online however, and out of nowhere a good idea came to light.

I mentioned how I wanted to do something about suburbia. If you watch something like Desperate Housewives or the Stepford Wives you might know where I'm going with this. It's all about facades, projecting yourself as being wealthy. It's prim and proper. When you go within however, you understand the fragility of this facade. Things go on behind closed doors which you never know about. Things however, can come crashing to the ground spectacularly. I thought about projecting this idea through our film, but wasn't sure how. The solution had been under my nose the whole time.

A repossessed house, in a quiet suburban village, and I know the history. This idea hasn't been discussed with everyone in the group, but I'm fairly confident everyone will be up for this. If someone buys this house anytime soon I'll probably just cry. Here's the conversation between me and Liam.


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