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I've had a good look at all of the videos on single shot now and I've found some more interesting ones. I chose to talk about these three videos because they rely strongly on sound and dialogue. Where as the other three were all about the image, these gave me another factor to strongly consider. Our group hasn't decided what role we want sound to play yet, but watching these gave me some ideas.

Bird Catcher - Mike Marshall
A very slow moving film which gets a little monotonous image wise. What redeems this film is the sound. The noises of the woodland/forest are captured, and that's what creates the feeling of nature. The sound comes from all around and almost overpowers whats in the frame. This is a simple concept as well, one which could be easily replicated by our group. There's no deliberate story here, it's more of an artistic piece, which you can draw your own conclusions from. I didn't particularly enjoy watching it, but it's helpful to see how sound can be used to make something which is fairly uninteresting come to life.

Being There - Matthew Murdoch
Amazing use of unscripted dialogue. A really natural piece which demonstrates the relationship between farther and son. I found the conversation hilarious in parts. You get the feeling that the son doesn't really care about going to watch the rugby, but the Dads really riled up and passionate about it. I'm sure people can relate to this kind of relationship with parents. People do things together to keep one another happy, it's about sacrifices. I think the film, showing the border wall signifies the relationship. There might be differences between the two entities and they're separate in many ways. In other ways they're really the same thing however, and the beautiful scenery shows that love families have. The simplicity of this is the beauty of it, something easily achievable by us as a group.

Dust - Paul Rooney
The camera pans around the intricate and complicated architecture of the huge ship, set against the open sea. The song playing over this video had me in stitches. I don't know how they dreamt this video up, it seems like they're taking the mick to be honest. The narration through out the song is what explains the story, and that's another way of approaching these films.


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