Early Discussions

posted under by Philip Howlett
The first talk we had as a group was through MSN. We wanted to make sure everyone was aware of what we had to do, and that everyone understood the brief. Here's a log of the conversation. Even though we didn't discuss the project in depth, it was useful to make sure we were all at the same point.

Today we met after the lecture with Deborah to discuss the coursework further. We did this face to face because it's easier to express ideas to one another. We all agreed that we wanted to create something quite abstract. It was encouraging to know that everyone was on the same wavelength. We didn't come up with anything too specific, but we did discuss some early concepts. One which cropped up was the idea of someone moving around the camera, going in and out of shot. They'd act unaware of the camera. A big part of it would be the sound going on around the camera. We thought maybe they could be mumbling, walking around in the darkness. I'll scan in an image later of a brainstorm so you can see what we were thinking.

We also agreed that a big part of this project is going to be location. We thought that maybe choosing a location first would be more effective. If we had a loose theme or concept, then we could draw our inspiration from the surroundings. When I was working last night, I realised how lonely and strange my work is in the dark. It's generally me, alone, in a huge golf course club house. I took some photos to show to the group. It's weird how when you start a project that you start looking at the world differently. I found myself looking out the window of the bus today, avidly trying to find locations we could shoot our film in.


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