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I proposed my concept to the rest of the group and they were all happy with it. One worry for us as a group however was that one member was unsure as to whether they would stay on the course, potentially leaving us a man down. As a result we all attended the surgery with Deborah on Monday to discuss our worries. We now have a new group member who I'm currently talking to by email. The surgery was also helpful because we got to discuss the idea with Deborah, and she reminded us of the importance of sound. It was like a light flicking on in my head because I'd completely forgotten about sound.

The story
I've explained this in my previous post, so I wont elaborate too much. What we want to portray however is the facades of suburbia. So called "middle class" homes which from the outside present themselves as being perfect and happy. Behind this front can often be something quite dark and secretive. Just recently someone on my street was evicted from their home and everything was repossessed. This presented the perfect imagery and setting for our one-shot-film.

I've taken photos of the location which can be found here. These were to demonstrate to the group what the house looks like, and it gave them confidence in the project. As you can see from the photos, the surrounding area is typically suburban. The other homes on the street provide the contrast we needed as well, between perfection and ruin.

The filming of this film is going to be kept as simple as possible. We've all proposed different ways to approach the filming, and we'll probably experiment with these on the day. The general idea we have is to slowly pan down the street, recording the perfect homes first, before concentrating on the repossessed home. A slow zoom focusing on maybe the front door will gradually reveal the story.

This is the part which could potentially make or break our film. We've decided that at some point next week, after we've recorded the video we're going to do the audio. The audio will be a phone call between a home owner and the bank (or similar). There's going to be a conversation about the repossession of the house or unpaid bills. This is the bit I'm excited about because we've realised as a group how effective this could be. We drew the inspiration from the film by Mathew Murdoch entitled "Being There" on the one-shot site.

It's difficult to explain the composition. I'll draw a storyboard tomorrow to better illustrate how I envision the film looking. It's going to be all about contrasting house facades. All of the front of the houses will be in shot, with slow camera movements and a gradual zoom towards the front door.

I've drawn up a schedule of how we're going to organise our time which can be found here. We're unsure on what roles everyone will play at the moment because of the difficulties we've been having securing the fourth group member. I'll come back with more on this.

Storyboard and script by Dean Coulson


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