A look back at Pixilation

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I wrote about my sources of inspiration and the context of my pixlilation piece earlier on in my blog. It's scattered through out various posts however, so I thought it would be best to reiterate it here. The context of the animation was of someone avoiding work, being dragged back to what they should be doing. We all know the feeling when we go out for a drink but we should really be getting on with a project. You feel a sense of guilt, and there's a nagging voice in your head asking you why aren't you working? We chose to use a swivel chair as the object which would chase us back to work. It was practical because it could be easily maneuvered and manipulated and it was suited the context. The idea was that we'd have the chair chase Dean from the student union (where he's drinking) back to the computer rooms in the Waverly building.

My sources of inspiration were various pixilation videos Andy showed us in the lectures and Seminars. Although we didn't draw ideas directly from, they showed us what was possible. These included "Human Skateboard" and other pixilations. I also drew inspiration for the filters I used from films I'd seen. I chose films with distinct visual styles such as A Scanner Darkly, Sin City and 300. They're all films I've enjoyed and loved their aesthetics. A Scanner Darkly for instance has a cartoon effect applied to it which I tried to replicate using photoshop filters. You can see my experiments in the post entitled "Pixilation Step II".

Read this post for an explanation of why I used the final effect. Download the WMV of my pixilation.


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