Logo Ideas

posted under by Philip Howlett
I've done some research in to logo's before, and looked at some legends in the Identity field such as Paul Rand. I've never created one for myself however, so I decided to go back to my sketchbook. I've looked at famous logos, presentations on the VLP and had a think about how I should create mine.

Logo's should be simple, and iconic. If there's too much information then it isn't easily absorbed the viewer. Anything unnecessary should be stripped away, leaving just the fundamentals. I decided that my logo will be font based, allowing me to produce it any size I want. I chose to use my initials, after all it is my identity. The way in which I've used them can be associated with the pH scale. Here's a nice biggun for you to look at. The second image is me forgetting what I'd learned, still, it looks pretty slick.


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